How to get your tokens listed on VIPS Finstock?

VIPS Finstock isn’t just limited to daily crypto trades. Our community and followers have been keen on the diverse ways VIPS Finstock tries to bring more of the crypto-verse. And now, we are taking the next leap forward and expanding our business. Because we are now ready to add more tokens to the exchange platform, this is indeed a golden opportunity for tokens of all sizes to be a part of India’s fastest-growing crypto exchange platform. Before you submit your request to list your tokens on the VIPS Finstock exchange platform, here's all you need to know.

How to start the application process?

The application process for token listing is actually relatively straightforward. Potential projects can visit the website or download the app and find "Coin Listing Request." Clicking on the tab will redirect you to an application form that asks you for all the basic and necessary information about the project. We request you to fill out the information absolutely precisely and accurately.  

The first step to getting in touch with the young and enthusiastic management is going through with the form. The form asks the applicant about the project, its solution to the constantly evolving crypto world, its white paper, and more things that help us learn as much as possible. Next, the team analyses and contacts the project owners with an offer that allows us to take both companies to a new level. 

What does the company offer for the collaboration?

VIPS Finstock offers valuable services for the projects ready to be listed on the platform. Here are those:

  • Promotion of the token listed on all of their social media platforms and exchange,

  • Press Release regarding launching of the platform on five reputed platforms,

  • Email campaigning up to 10,000 users of the listed token,

  • Airdrop campaigns,

  • They provide two market-making accounts, where no trading fees are applied

  • NDA and Agreement documents,

  • Additionally, the smart contract will be audited by QuillHash and Certik.

What is the Evaluation Criteria?

VIPS Finstock takes evaluation of the applied projects very seriously. We follow these steps to ensure that the project listed for the valuable community is legitimate and secure:

  • Firstly, we assess the project’s white paper thoroughly. We verify the whitepaper and progress-report to measure its authenticity.

  • Next, we carry a background check on the company and its core team members because VIPS Finstock strongly believes that only a strong team can form a more robust backbone.

  • We, next, check the utilities of the token to be listed.

  • We also keep track of the user base of the exchange platform and its social media management.

Things to know about VIPS Finstock before you apply for token listing:

  • The trading pair options available are- VIPS, BTC, INR, and USDT.

  • VIPS Finstock is a community of 1,50,000 users and is expanding swiftly. 

  • The platform currently has 30 tokens listed on our website, and we have an ambitious plan to grow the platform.

  • The applying project must hold the VIPS token that should be equal to 10% of its volume.

  • We promote crypto exchange, which is a part of their primary goals, via the platform called FinLEarn. We constantly update the latest ongoing and basics of the crypto world.

  • The critical requirement to get through is signing the listing agreement and NDA. 

You can always learn more about the platform by visiting their website and social media platforms and following us to keep track.

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Please Note:

  • Our review team will ask additional questions to discuss more about the prospects of the project. Completing the basic steps does not guarantee your project will be listed.

  • Project teams are forbidden from disclosing any information related to listing until we announce.

  • If someone claims to have “partnerships” or “listing agreements” with VIPS Finstock, they are lying or violating their agreement with us, which renders them void.