Hello VIPS family!

MetaWhale (MTW) is now listed on VIPS Finstock exchange platform. The trading pair, MTW/VIPS is open for trading. So, you can buy, sell, or trade on our platform. 

What is MetaWhale?

MetaWhale is a blockchain based MetaWhale- A Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming & NFT Metaverse. It allows players to build and monetize their gaming experiences. It is working on the Binance Blockchain using MTW’s utility Token. It also allows community members to have complete control over the work and traders can claim ownership of NFTs. The owner of NFT can control the posted content as well which ranges from 3D arts to gaming assets.

Use Cases of MetaWhale:

  1. It offers blockchain-based decentralized games

  2. NFT Museum, where people can visit and learn about art and culture.

  3. Virtual Properties- MetaWhale has also catched up with the boom of real estate on metaverse. Here, people can buy the property they are interested in by exchanging fiat for the platform’s digital token.

Join us to trade the digital asset on VIPS Finstock and enjoy its benefit while you do.

Happy Trading!


Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. VIPS Finstock does not promote mindless trading or intends to give any financial advice. Carry out your own risk assessments and DYOR.

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