Hello VIPS Family,

We are delighted to announce that the GSGT token is now live on VIPS Finstock Launchpad. Hurry up! Log in to your VIPS Finstock accounts and make the most of VIPS Finstock’s first-ever IEO. 

Now, you can buy GSGT on VIPS Finstock’s IEO platform.

What is GSGT?

The GSGT token of the company Green Spirit Global, founded by Mr. Sarfaraz Khan and Mr. Rahul Gaikwad. GreenSpiritGlobal Green Energy token (GSGT) aims at fostering IoT, sustainable, and renewable energy investments, thus, working towards a greener world. 

The GSGT token is the world's first green energy utility token and is a reward for the most environmentally and socially sound systems. 

Join us to buy the digital asset on VIPS Finstock Launchpad and enjoy its benefit while you do.

Happy Trading!


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