We are a group of young adopters of digital assets. Our fascination and motivation to upgrade the future and seize the opportunities offered by the constantly growing ecosystem of cryptocurrencies landed us in creating VIPS Finstock. We stepped into the league with our native token, VIPS Token. Later, after a few months, in January 2022, we launched our exchange,  VIPS Finstock. 

With an aim to provide users with a reliable and trustworthy exchange, we are moving ahead in our direction. Some of the advantageous factors our exchange offers are:

  •  A secure exchange platform

  •  Easy-to-understand user interface

  •  Immediate and responsive customer support

  •  Hassle-free facilitation of funds from a bank account to digital assets wallet

  • Additional utilities to benefit from

  • Rewards for our early adopters and supporters

We started with a mission of "crypto for all," and we are driven by our vision to make our users crypto-friendly. We believe that the market's knowledge and the platform should be made available to every crypto-enthusiast. We want to ease the market's ecosystem by providing the bare minimum and well-deserved top-notch services.

What is an Ambassador program?

Ambassador is a term referring to a person who will be responsible for representing VIPS Finstock in the market. 

Ambassador Program is a plan, where VIPS Finstock aims to increase their marketing. It's an initiative where we’ll be trusting and putting the responsibility of enhancing our market image in the hands of our recruited/hired Ambassador.

What is the VIPS Finstock Ambassador program about?

Since we are one of the fastest-growing exchanges in India right now, we aim to grow bigger and be at the top. And to do so and to ensure it's done right and everyone in the market knows about us, we are hiring part-time Ambassadors for our firm. 

As a VIPS Finstock Ambassador, you'll definitely enjoy multiple perks; however, we expect our ambassadors to excel in their work too. By launching our Ambassador Program, we are looking forward to promoting and expanding our crypto network with your help and representation. 

What are you going to receive as VIPS Finstock Ambassador?

As VIPS Finstock Ambassador, you'll get proper market exposure, great networking opportunities, and attractive incentives.

Perks you'll enjoy as VIPS Finstock Ambassador are:

  • Invitation to every ambassador to attend crypto events organized by VIPS Finstock.

  • Invitation to selected ambassadors (based on performance) to attend national events organized by different institutions.

  • Zero trading fee accounts will be provided.

  • Prime user batch.

  • Get the opportunity to win our giveaways and airdrops, as your participation will be given more priority.

  • After completion of 1 year and performance basis, ambassadors will be rewarded with 10,000 VIPS Tokens.

  • Get opportunities to network with top crypto leaders.

Responsibility as a VIPS Finstock Ambassador

As an ambassador of VIPS Finstock, your references and suggestions will be vital as you'll be recommending them, and you know the user better since you are directly interacting with them. So in the panel of discussion, your suggestion and consideration will be welcomed/entertained.

Your responsibilities as a VIPS Finstock Ambassador would include the following things:

Social media platforms:

  1. Active social media presence.

  2. Mentioning your position on your social media handles and bio.

  3. Weekly social media engagement by posting, tagging and mentioning VIPS Finstock.

 Partnership collaboration:

 Collaboration with influencers, PR Agencies, crypto events, educators, and business partnerships.

Accepting donations in crypto.

Additional tasks based on performance and skill-set you possess.

Why should you join VIPS Finstock's Ambassador program?

As mentioned above, we are offering a lot of perks and benefits to our ambassadors, but here's why you should join the VIPS Ambassador Program.

Result-Based Bonuses:

Assured bonuses on completing monthly targets, your income potential has no limits. 

Network Opportunities: 

An opportunity to work closely with VIPS Finstock's team, big brand partners, and crypto influencers.

Recognition & Influence:

Represent VIPS Finstock on social media platforms and create/enhance your social media presence.

Mentoring & Guidance:

Receive training and mentoring from the best, including leaders in the crypto world. Ex- Crypto YouTubers and Influencers.

Exclusive Access:

Hear firsthand about VIPS Finstock's upcoming features, become a part of official VIPS Finstock events, merchandise hampers, prime membership, official releases, giveaways & airdrops and exclusive news.

Competitive Yearly Rewards:

Get an opportunity to win 10,000 VIPS Tokens after the compilation of tasks and performance analysis on a yearly basis.  

What are we looking for in our VIPS Finstock Ambassador?

Someone who is passionate about crypto, whether a beginner or an experienced one. We want individuals who are willing to learn about digital assets and polish their knowledge more and are also interested in being a part of the blockchain community. We are looking for someone who'll outshine and will actually make a difference for our brand with their performance. 

How to become a VIPS Finstock Ambassador?

You can apply to be a VIPS Finstock’s Ambassador by following these simple steps:

  • Visit VIPS Finstock's official website, and click on the 'VIPS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM' option in the announcement section.

  • Fill out the google form given on the Ambassador program page.

  • Our team will review your profile, and if you're shortlisted, you'll receive an on-boarding assessment call (a brief interview call).

What will VIPS Finstock Ambassador receive after onboarding?

Once recruited, selected candidates will receive a confirmation mail from our end. They'll be also getting an official VIPS Finstock ID, along with a welcome kit and a blockchain-verifiable certificate for the same.


VIPS Finstock will hold the right to terminate you as an Ambassador at any given point, based on your performance and conduct. Also, a legal document stating all the terms and conditions would be signed between the two parties (VIPS Finstock and Ambassador).

How to participate in the VIPS Finstock Ambassador program?

Click here to fill the form to participate in VIPS Finstock Ambassador Program.