UNID Token Live On VIPS Finstock

Greetings, VIPS Finstock fam!

We are happy to announce that VIPS Finstock has listed a new token on its platform, the UNID token built on  BEP-20. You, as a user, can now buy, trade, and sell UNID on VIPS Finstock.

What is UNID Token?

UNID Token is built with an aim to help startups grow and establish themselves in the market. The token not just taps into the global business specter but also invades the retail industry by allowing retail investors to invest in reputable, genuine, and innovative startups. 

The development of the UNID Token was carefully done after taking a closer look at the investment opportunities of retail investors, thus offering them a sustainable and reliable solution to invest in. UNID Token is built to create an ecosystem friendly for retail investors by providing them with reputable business plans to invest in, which is done using the BSC scan of the token that ensures the credibility and transparency of the startup. 

Join us to trade the digital asset on VIPS Finstock and enjoy its benefit while you do.

Happy Trading!


Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. VIPS Finstock does not promote mindless trading or intends to give any financial advice. Carry out your own risk assessments and DYOR.